Best Spots to View Fireworks Festival in KOBE 2016



Minato Kobe Fireworks Festival

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This is one of the most popular fireworks festival in Kansai and the largest one in Hyogo, which displays about 10,000 fireworks. You would be overwhelmed throughout the show by the incredible beauty of fireworks. This maritime fireworks display is a summer tradition in Kobe.
Want to see it? This article is about my recommended spots to view the fireworks festival.



Minato Kobe Fireworks Festival
Dates: 6th Aug, 2016
Venue:Meriken Park, Walk 15 mins southbound from Motomachi station or 10 mins from Kobe station. There will be a road traffic regulation. You have to use public transportation.
Start/End Time: 7:30pm – 8:30pm
Web: (Japanese Only)
Entry: Free

Best Places【seaside】

Since the fireworks festival is held around the Kobe Port, it is a reasonable choice to view from a seaside spot. Getting some food from stalls, and breathing in the salty sea air, you would be able to enjoy summer in Japan to the fullest.

Pro: You can enjoy the impressive fireworks display and feel good atmosphere of the Japanese summer festival.
Con: There is a huge crowd of people. You will have to get on crowded buses and trains. The competition for good viewing spots can be quite strong.

Paid seating is also available. Booking hotel, restaurant or cruise that give a nice viewing spot is one of the choices.


Near Kobe Port

Meriken Park

The best spot. Fireworks are shot off in front of Meriken Park. The good smell from food stalls tempts you.

Harborland, Mosaic

Harborland is shopping and entertainment facilities between the JR Kobe Station and the waterfront of Kobe’s port area. Mosaic, one of the shopping facilities, is a great spot to enjoy the fireworks.

The first jetty of Kobe port

The second jetty of Kobe port

Paid seating is available here as well as free entry. Prior payment is ¥3100. A day-of-performance ticket is ¥3600.
Image quote from「Official HP Minato Kobe Fireworks Festival
The detail information about the paid seating: here (Japanese only)

The third jetty of Kobe port

Relatively small number of people here.

The forth jetty of Kobe port

Some paid seats are here.

Shiosai Park at Port Island

Well-known for a good place to view the great landscape of the Kobe port. Shiosai Park is great for viewing fireworks as well.

Video「Youtube orihihc1219」

North Park at Port Island

Fewer people than Shiosai Park but still a nice spot to enjoy fireworks.

Hyogo jetty

Since this spot is a little bit far from the center of the festival, fewer people visit here on the day. However, you would be able to view the fireworks well if you come here.

Video「Youtube 1108Myvideo」


Hotel, Cruise

There are some fantastic hotels, restaurants and cruises that you can see the fireworks. Early booking is recommended.

Kobe Portpia Hotel

Official Website

Hotel Okura Kobe

Official Website

Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel

Official Website

Hotel La Suite Kobe Harborland

Official Website

Hotel Crownpalais Kobe

Official Website

Kobe Concerto

Official Website

Best Places【mountain side】

There are many places where you can see the landscape of Kobe. I recommend viewing the fireworks from the mountain side because you don’t have to worry about a huge crowd of people.
Pro: Fewer people than seaside spots. You can enjoy the fireworks in a relaxed mood.
Con: Since it has a long distance from the center of the festival, it is difficult to see some of the fireworks. You may feel less impressed.


Chuoku, Kitano area

Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens and Ropeway

From Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens and Ropeway, the popular sightseeing spot in Kobe, you can view the fireworks.
Official Website

Venus Bridge, Suwayama Park

Here is popular for a dating spot. I recommend who want to feel romance to visit here.

Kitano Viewing Platform

This viewing platform is located in the north end of Kitano where is known for exotic residences.

Kobe Kitano Tenman Shrine

Although it is tiring to climb up to the shrine, you can get a fantastic night view.
Official Website


Rokko Mountain, Maya Mountain

Maya Viewline, Kikuseidai

One of the three best night viewing spots in Japan. You can enjoy the stunning panoramic view of Kobe Port with the gorgeous fireworks display.

Tenran Observatory

One of the popular viewing spots from Mt. Rokko.
Official Website

Video「Youtube kinoyos」

Rokko Garden Terrace

Shopping and gourmet facilities on Mt. Rokko. You can enjoy the fireworks as well as shopping and eating.
Official Website

Viewing Spots MAP, Minato Kobe Fireworks Festival in Kobe

The viewing spots mentioned above are listed on this map.

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