Okamoto Plum Park, Best Viewing Place of Ume Blossoms


Okamoto, great reputation for Ume

White Plum and Red Plum Okamoto Plum Tree Park KOBE

It’s been said that the best Ume (Japanese Plum) is in Okamoto and the best Sakura is in Yoshino (in Nara  Prefecture) since a long time ago. Okamoto in Higashinada-ku, Kobe city is one of the most famous viewing places of Ume in Japan. From February to March is a good season to enjoy plum blossoms. Many of plum flowers are in full bloom in early March.

Hankyu Okamoto Station or JR Settsumotoyama Station is the nearest stations for each spot below.

Okamoto Plum Park

Okamoto Plum Park (Okamoto Bairin Koen/ 岡本梅林公園) is the most popular place to view plum blossoms. You would be able to enjoy a great view of Kobe city as well. 10 minutes walk from Okamoto Station. Here are 200 plum trees.

There will be a Ume Festival on 26 February.

Okamoto Plum Park in KOBE, JAPAN

Okamoto Plum Park in KOBE, JAPAN

Okamoto Hachiman Shrine

The Okamoto Hachiman Shrine (岡本八幡神社) is next to the Okamoto Plum Park. Not so many plum trees as Plum Park but a quiet good place to visit.

Okamoto Hachiman Shrine

Hokura Plum Forest

Hokura Plum Forest (保久良梅林) is also a popular place to enjoy plum blossoms. It’s a little bit far from Okamoto Station but worth visiting.

Hokura Shrine

You would see a great panorama from Hokura Shrine.

Ume and Snow

It’s nice to see plum and snow.

Snow and Japanese Plum (Ume)

Snow and Japanese Plum (Ume)

Ume and White-eye

White Eye and Japanese Plum (Ume)

White Eye and Japanese Plum (Ume)

Cafe in Okamoto

These are my favorite cafe in Okamoto (The articles below in Japanese).

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