Special Starbucks Stores in KOBE

Do you know “Concept Store” of Starbucks? “Kobe Kitano Ijinkan Store”, “Neighborhood and Coffee Store” and brand new “Kobe Meriken Park Store”. These three stores located in KOBE have special characteristics which distinguish them from other common Starbucks stores. They are far from  just chain coffee shops. If you visit or live in KOBE they are worth visiting.

Kobe Kitano Ijinkan

スターバックス 神戸北野異人館店 外観

“Ijinkan”(異人館)literally means a building for foreign people. Since KOBE city has a long history as an international port city, there are many old buildings still exist, where foreign people used to live. American family was living in this two-story house in the beginning of 20 century.

The building was so damaged by the Great Hanshin-awaji Earthquake in 1995 that it was torn down to pieces. The architectural materials were preserved and in 2001 it was rebuilt. From 2009 Starbucks operates this special cafe.

スターバックス 神戸北野異人館店

This cafe is well designed for being reminiscent of old western style house. It has a lounge, a dining room, a guest room and a terrace space. All the sections are differently designed and each room has some special furnishing goods.

スターバックス 神戸北野異人館店

“Kobe Kitano Ijinkan” is a basically busy place, because it’s so popular for travellers. If you want to have a cozy time here, you might be better to come in morning.

Shop Info

Regular holiday: Irregular
Address:Hyogo Chuo-ku Kobe 3-1-31Kitanocho Kitano Monogatarikan
10 minutes walk from Sannomiya Station
WEB:Kobe Kitano Ijinkan | Starbucks

Neighborhood and Coffee Nakayamate-dori 2-chome

Neighborhood and Coffee 中山手通2丁目店

“Neighborhood and Coffee Nakayamate-dori 2-chome” is one of “Neighborhood Store”. They are only eight shops in Japan and this is the only one store in the Western Japan. Neighborhood and Coffee 中山手通2丁目店 Neighborhood and Coffee 中山手通2丁目店

“Nakayamate-dori 2-chome” has special espresso makers. This coffee definitely tastes better than common drip coffee served from other Starbucks stores.

Neighborhood and Coffee 中山手通2丁目店 エスプレッソマシン Neighborhood and Coffee 中山手通2丁目店 エスプレッソマシンNeighborhood and Coffee 中山手通2丁目店 カフェアメリカーノ

Food menu is also distinguished from other stores. I tried this “Candied Almond Sundae”.  You know, it’s great!

Neighborhood and Coffee 中山手通2丁目店 キャンディード アーモンド サンデー


Alcoholic beverages are also available here.

One more characteristics of “Nakayamate-dori 2-chome” is a cozy room for your pet. You can stay here with your lovely dog and cat.

Neighborhood and Coffee 中山手通2丁目店 ペットスペース Neighborhood and Coffee 中山手通2丁目店 ペットスペースNeighborhood and Coffee 中山手通2丁目店 ペットスペース

Shop Info

Open:[Mon-Fri] 8:00-22:00 [Holiday] 7:30-22:00
Regular holiday: Irregular
Address:Hyogo Chuo-ku Kobe 2-24-1 Nakayamate-dori WAKOHRE THE TOR ROAD RESIDENCE
8 minutes walk from Sannomiya Station
WEB:Neighborhood and Coffee Nakayamate-dori 2-chome | Starbucks

Kobe Meriken Park

スターバックス コーヒー 神戸メリケンパーク店スターバックス コーヒー 神戸メリケンパーク店

※These photos are quoted from 「プレスリリース(2017/03/08)|スターバックス コーヒー ジャパン」

“Kobe Meriken Park” Store will open on 21 April 2017. This building is designed as a cruse ship. Since the cafe locates very close to the Kobe Port, you would enjoy a great scenery of the streets of Kobe, Kobe Port Tower and the Port of Kobe. You might feel like sailing a cruse ship over a cup of coffee.


Shop Info

Kobe Meriken Park Store
Address:Hyogo Chuo-ku Kobe 2-4 Hatobacho

This store is inside Meriken Park.

Hope you have a good time there

I believe these three Starbucks Concept Stores are worth visiting. Hope you have a good time there.


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They are KOBE ver.

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