Photo and Movie of KOBE in Feb 2017

Here are photos and movies about KOBE city taken in February 2017.

Setsubun / Minatogawa Shrine

Kaiomaru in KOBE Port

海王丸 kaiomaru海王丸 kaiomaru海王丸 登檣礼(とうしょうれい)練習 kaiomaru海王丸 神戸の夜景海王丸 神戸の夜景

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TV show “Buratamori” featuring KOBE



Japanese Plum Festival (Ume matsuri/梅まつり)



Okamoto Plum Park / 岡本梅林公園


緑萼 岡本梅林公園  岡本梅林公園

Hokura Shrine and Hokura Plum Forest / 保久良神社と保久良梅林


Sumaura Park / 須磨浦山上遊園

須磨浦山上遊園 梅

Japanese Plum and White-eye / 梅とメジロ

Watch the scenes of KOBE in January here

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